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Park of Tian of plum of the founder of a school of learning introduces fireworks

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Li Tian the park introduces

Li Tian park is located in Jiangxi the eastpart part of county of the chestnut on the province, chestnut county is the birthplace of Li Tian of Chinese cracker the founder of a school of learning on,

" Tang Shi " carry: Li Tian, changjiang Delta on the west family name of person of stone of hemp of chestnut of Yuan city your family, be born at Tang Wude 4 years (the Christian era 621 years) on April 18, tang Taizong Li Shimin is confused to tangle by hill ghost, long treat invalid, satisfy imperial edict whole nation to demand medical service. When Ying Zhao of Li Tian of hunter of every commoners uncovers a list of names posted up, borrow hunt principle of the Chong that use land, use bamboo slip to load saltpetre, explode drive out mandrill evil influence, make body of the emperor dragon recovers, seal Li Tian to be cracker the founder of a school of learning then.

Chestnut person all through the ages is opposite on Li Tian pay homage to, be in early Ming Taizu Hong Wu 3 years (the Christian era 1370) be in only then build Yu Dongjin 9 years (the Christian era 354 years) on Li Na was established in view of street bless emperor " the god of Li Tian of cracker the founder of a school of learning, annual on April 18 Li Tian birthday this day, the people that chestnut pursues cracker trade on comes here in succession grieve over the founder of a school of learning, follow up to now. In December 1999, chestnut county begins park of construction plum Tian on, owner of numerous fireworks and firecrackers and social all circles are model of Li Tian casting one honour 12.8 meters tall, weigh 2.5 tons bronze, stand at 319 countries on the road on mountain ridge of dragon of Li Foling a sector of an area, wen Jing nods the bright beauty of the country that becomes fireworks and firecrackers, chestnut spends the mark of industry of convention of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun on. At present the park is in construction.

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