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Putting firework is one of traditional culture of Japan. Japanese says they are a nations that treat firework with " heart " . Arrive every year on August 15 around, the autonomic organization of Japanese each district should organize fireworks evening party, japan calls " petard congress " , only one belt does not have Tokyo to leave 339 fireworks evening party. Tokyo has the fireworks evening party with fame, the greatest dimensions most is in order to traverse east Tian Chuan names the fluvial border of Kyoto. The evening party is in annual July the last hold on Saturday, it is adumbrative summer is forthcoming, plus hold in downtown again, every time so a lot of people watch fireworks from far and near. On the evening party, girls like to wear slipper of bathrobe, foot step, hand to take ground of fan in threes and fours to come to dike edge on the ground commonly and sit watch colourful fireworks. Evening party of Tian Chuanyan fire divides border the first assembly room and the 2nd assembly room. Last year, the first assembly room put 9350 hair, the 2nd assembly room put 10650 hair, such amount is count as one of the best for Japan. The history that puts fireworks to had had in Japan hundreds of years. Allegedly evening party of border Tianchuan fireworks only then 1733, putting fireworks in those days is to mark border of cropland plain canal enlightened, development arrives after annual July the last should hold fireworks evening party on Saturday. Be in Japan, when fireworks is being put in a year a lot of. In Hokkaido, annual in December, mixed in January firework is put in Feburary. Hokkaido is in the optimal place that Japan is ski, need not say, firework is being put in this moment also is to attract more skier and tourist, it is the method that a kind of ego promotes. Same, in heat up the sea famously with hot spring, have those who put fireworks all the year round, among them most August, it is almost once a week. Japanese likes to see fireworks, but did not see in Japan have firework of which shop distribute. Annual summer in August around, the festival of all sorts of Japanese variety is very much, also can sell firework in those days, but it is very small very small firework, the organizer buys the firework that uses on fireworks evening party through formulary channel, ordinary individual cannot be bought. 1, every this net is made clear " net of international firework cracker " all work, copyright all attributes net of international firework cracker, must not reprint without this net accredit, extract and compile or use other means to use afore-mentioned work. Already this net accredit uses work, answer to be used inside accredit limits, make clear " origin: Net of international firework cracker " . Disobey afore-mentioned enunciators, this net will find out his relevant law responsibility.
2, every this net makes clear " origin: XXX (net of cracker of blame international firework) " work, all reprint from other media, reprint a purpose to depend on passing more information, do not represent this net approval its viewpoint and to its authenticity is in charge of. This net reprints the manuscript of other media, meaning providing free service for the public. Be like other media, website or individual to be used from this net download, must withhold this net to make clear " manuscript origin " .
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