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Firecracker is relevant knowledge

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On this world, always have the place that the Chinese lives, encounter festival trouble, leave like new residence of the children marriage, upper beam that build a house, move to a better place or have a promotion, management store course of study, want to set off firecracker, in order to show festival and auspicious. Especially the new year's day of the New Year's Eve of the traditional Chinese calendar, New Year, the first month of the lunar year 15 wait, firecracker sound fills extensive region space, contain the flavor of the whole world or nation joins in he jubilation. King of acting poet of the Song Dynasty installs stone " yuan day " write: "In cracker sound one year old is divided, spring breeze sends warm Tu Su. Day of 曈 of 1000 10 thousand 曈 , always change Xin Tao old symbol. " depicted New Year racily to stick the couplet, lively scene that puts firecracker.

Set off firecracker, there is long history in our country, containing solid culture inside information. So, set off firecracker from when to begin, is firecracker by who invent?

Cracker, the name explodes battle, firecracker, weighing firecracker is the thing after Song Yi. From " · of The Book of Songs is small burn of elegant · front courtyard " in, we are readable to such line: "Clear of front courtyard burn, gentleman comes stop. " front courtyard burn, it is bamboo of the ancients general, grass or hemp lever, bind together set off make night boast is like daytime, have the effect of illume and exorcise. This may be the embryo that China sets off cracker, be apart from today already more than 2000 years before. Ancient books " Zhou Li " have year old eventually ghost of drive epidemic disease namely " drive exorcise " activity. Chinese generation, set off cracker, also for drive ghost exorcise evil spirits, time is at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year one. Chinese of Oriental new moon " · of classics of gods and spirits on the west barren classics " say, there is hill foul smell in remote mountains (later generations weighs mandrill) , person bring into contact with it, often catch disease of chills and fever. It is good the salt that steal a person will eat shrimp crab, encounter it " the person is tasted in catching fire with bamboo, explode city (appearance sound) and piece, foul smell all Jing fears. " a Lin of bridge of the Southern Dynasties in " Jing Chu writes down when year old " also say: At the beginning of the first month of the lunar year one " crow rises namely, first the cracker before Yuting, in order to avoid cacodaemon of hill foul smell. " mandrill is afraid of cracker, folk evolves into mandrill to cry into " year " an eccentric person, mount a bank to kill a person from the sea year after year, it is worn by later the child of red garment (say an old person) set off cracker to frighten ran. Cracker exorcise is lighted at the beginning of such the New Year's Eve or the first month of the lunar year, become a kind gradually consuetudinary.
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