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Firecracker is relevant knowledge

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Open the cracker first to just use bamboo of baked wheaten cake, make light fire to phonate. The invention as paper and use extensively, add home of make pills of immortality to discover gradually saltpetre, sulfureous with charcoal it is combustible material. To Tang Dynasty, of cracker set off development to grow bamboo pole ignite for people, or string together a string rings to be hanged on long bamboo pole to light explode, be called at that time " explode pole " . Lai Gu of Tang poetry person is in " early spring " in write: "New one by one just opens half paper, small front yard still gets together explode pole is grey " . At least is in in the Tang Dynasty, gunpowder already can come out by recipe development, gunpowder is used at cracker to also begin gradually, it is at first load gunpowder set off in bamboo slip, improve after will set off to use a paper to wrap gunpowder, cracker is incognito also for " explode piece " or " explode battle " . To Song Dai, not only paper is made explode battle flourishing, and the thing that firework makes a festival need. Meng Yuan is old " Tokyo dream Hua Lu " say: "It is night hill of the cracker in banning breathes out, sound is heard at outside. " when Song Xiaozong of the Southern Song Dynasty, night of festival of lanterns wants more than 100 to put smoke and fire in Gongzhongyici. To bright generation, the home of hedge king, influential officials, the festival also surprises with putting fireworks to contend for bottle get the better of, make cracker firework dimensions, pattern be renovated ceaselessly.

According to " industrial annals " account, this kind of new-style cracker only then Yu Tang, and Cheng Yusong, matrix is in Hunan clear is in relief. Someone says inventor is Sun Saimiao, but worker of local fireworks and firecrackers is the founder of a school of learning with Li Tian of worker of fireworks and firecrackers. Li Tian, one this world saying clear preciouses jade greatly (the area austral clear this world) person, or say to sweet wine hill is rich li of the Shi Cun that press down hemp's person, say Ma Shi of county of the chestnut on city of Jiangxi duckweed country's person. He is born at Tang Yuan to mix 15 years (820) , fabulous his Cengshi collects medical make pills of immortality from Sun Saimiao, with gunpowder make it fireworks and firecrackers, detonated when make pills of immortality. He imparts this worker of local fireworks and firecrackers. Improve cracker stage by stage, by tube of paper of bamboo slip instead, gunpowder is Baiyao by black medicine, it is all sorts of firework gun salute by development of onefold cracker product. Promoted the development of firework cracker course of study, the person that to Ming Dailiu this world does this line of business amounts to 30 more than person, in relief person of acting clear of the Song Dynasty is in county cropland home alley builds Li Tian first division temple, every arrive on April 18, li Tian birthday, burning incense very flourishing.

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