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Analytic ATA is odd card book business

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The manufacturer is development international market, often need to show a product on exposition of of all kinds international, exhibition, or carry commercial sample to go to a foreign country to reveal, of all kinds professional (engineer, press photographer, athlete) often also should carry professional facility work going abroad. To unite and simplify the customs procedures of this kind of goods, world custom organization was passed 1961 " the custom convention that by ATA customs declaration about goods card book of short duration imports definitely " (abbreviation " ATA convention " ) , " ATA convention " and other the custom convention that imports 12 times definitely about goods of short duration, be like " exhibition and Fair convention " , " professional equipment convention " , " commercial sample convention " etc, collective establish ATA is odd card book system. Ever since, world custom organization was passed 1990 again " goods of short duration imports convention definitely " , this convention will " ATA convention " with 12 relevant convention brings into his to add about, enlarged ATA sheet further the goods limits with card applicable book, make ATA odd card book system more attain perfect. ATA is odd purpose of card book system depends on concluding a treaty through be in applicable ATA is odd between Fang Zhi card book declares at customs with replacing each country home file and imposition assure file, will simplify and unite customs procedures. Current, there already were 59 countries to carry out ATA sheet on the world card book system, major developed country already was joined " ATA convention " , use ATA sheet every year card book connects the goods total value that involve to exceed 12 billion dollar.
ATA by the initial of French "Admission Temporaire" and English "Temporary Admission" compound composition, state of short duration allows an import, the mouth reappears by original state outside normal loss is being eliminated inside the one calm time after goods is being imported namely.

One, ATA is odd the advantage that card book place offers

1. simplifies involve procedures

Hold a witness to use ATA sheet card book, need not fill in each country home declares at customs file, avoid those who hand in goods to import each duty to assure, simplified greatly thereby goods is connected involve procedures.

2. is managing pass charge and time

ATA is odd card book by oppose witness home application, it is good with respect to prearrange before go abroad to make hold a witness thereby go the customs procedures of one or more country, need not refer to foreign custom assure, can ensure quick close.

3.ATA is odd card book can repeat use

ATA is odd the period of efficacy of card book is a year, its a goods below is OK inside period of efficacy for many times imports and exports.

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