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How to cut the trade on solution net 7 big deceitful trick

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Bring to broad businessman in network commerce convenient with accrual while also gave illegal businessman an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage, the trade act with make normal cheated a shadow. To help the mercantile sharpen one's eyes that says sincere letter go these illegal elements mix get behind the company deceives people intrigue, as far as possible the risk that reduces network trade, reduce a loss, build environment of commerce of safe and effective network jointly. Complier specially summed up 7 big classical deceitful trick, the hope is broad after sincere letter businessman looked somewhat satori.

Legerdemain reachs its feature:
1. magnanimity takes in and send out in large quantities model incoming telegram this individual is very enthusiastic, be very interested in your product, telephone for the first time want order, the amount is very large, any tube-shaped part of an article of clothing of reserve new money eats, the desire that signs contract of purchase and sale is very strong. Of course these are did not see sample in him, the circumstance that without the clique the person makes an on-the-spot investigation actually leaves made decision.

2. interlink is set set model unidentified the agency that somebody of not white ground asks you to become him, somebody makes ad actively for you, help you make money, just be less than a week when agency, have be apart very far somewhere one company person you order goods, not only amount very big and grant to pay payment for goods, it is to earn firmly it seems that not the business of compensate.

3. asks for this kind of commission company to playing the banner of company of foreign trade of × × border land commonly, make bait with Korea order, after signing a contract, let a client send money toward north somewhere, examine goods with Korea Fang Laihua next want prepaid commission be reason, diddle debt. If you paid middleman's fee, he looks for a reason to say quality or bag contain casually problem, goods does not want. If you do not pay middleman's fee, goods is pulled pullback, freight, energy is wasted for nothing.

4. is cheated eat cheat drink model do not cheat big money, cheat a meal, cheat a few smoke, making urgent demand first commonly your × × product, say the product is very good the requirement that accords with them, next with " because cooperate first, the product is particular quantitative basis real kind is mensurable, 0 person of initial plan × money goods, hope to be fulfilled as soon as possible. " if let company of the other side send sample, if you send him,be caught, he can say sample checks and accept qualification, call us to sign a contract immediately. And bright say what wants to lead a gift, have a meal please.

City of × of × of department of 5. state-operated banner my firm is omnibus wholesale and state-owned company, set plant of × × fertilizer, × × farming endowment company, company of goods and materials of × × the sources of energy, all-embracing of × × housing materials company. You produce what product, they have company of corresponding commerce goods and materials. Give a person a kind of actual strength strong, the influence of credit good preconceived ideas keep a strong hold, not be to cheat sample next, cheat smoke wine namely, eat and drink this kind.

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