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How to run small company?

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Of business volume divisional without specific provision, we can roughly distinguish, small company is to show investment is small commonly, the company with small dimensions.
Small company because its financing source is finite, accordingly it is different from big company, it defies the risk ability of the market needed a place, but the advantage that it has big company to cannot be compared is it get used to ability strong. Susceptibility is tall.

The strategic core of battalion of already of small look forward to board piece, the business that is it is managed. The stand or fall that business begins, live what affect small company directly with development. Because this sale link is a link that small company takes seriously most, the operator of small company mostly the strongest salesperson in the enterprise. The aim of small company is very clear, sell make an issue of around the market closely.

Small company scope is little, constituent structure is simple, get used to ability strong, agile and changeful mechanism, it is the biggest distinction of small company and big company, be the agile and changeful mechanism because of it, make small company can fit market competition more, in poineering road can flourishing.

The controller of small company is the founder that is small company mostly, their thought affects the development great plan of the enterprise directly. Their individual behavior, supervise those who affect enterprise interior the aspect of style and enterprise. The controller of the enterprise is generalist mostly, their job is omnibus, cooperation of division of labor is not too clear, but synergic capability is stronger.

The management of small company is the management of familial type mostly, the management of familial type is the optimal management pattern that small company begins phase, it can promote the benign development of the enterprise. The primary level of the enterprise has too much governor impossibly, also help them at the same time without nice talented person, below this kind of circumstance, the administrative generation of familial type is inevitable. Small company expands in development in the process, it is the process that a talent takes seriously stage by stage. . The development of the enterprise leaves do not drive a talented person, accordingly, when the company grows certain level, must want to introduce a talent, the handsome appearance is valueing very much accordingly in small company, this are compared likely big enterprise or business take seriously more. Nevertheless the talent in small company is watched cannot as opposite as big company, small company is paid attention to more at practical model of the talent introduce.

Invisible feel the company culture that does not wear, resemble the reinforcing steel bar in tall a tall building, bolt, welding line, in the edifice exterior that decorates anew, be not seen easily, but each corner that this kind of thing that calling an enterprise culture pervaded a large building, joint and exert oneself dot, bearing the weight of the load with most heavy edifice. Say none exaggeratively, an enterprise that does not have company culture is to grow not big company forever for certain, one is brought up to do not have the enterprise of healthy business culture, not only hidebound, and swaying in the midst of a raging storm.

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