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Network advertising advantage and advantage

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  Range of Internet advertisement transmission is more wide

Traditional media has release the district, limitation that releases time, under photograph comparing, range of Internet advertising transmission is extremely wide, want to have online requirement only, anybody can browse the ad message of the network at any time in any places.

Internet advertisement has intense interactive sex

Suffer in traditional media numerous just accept ad message passively, and go up in the network, suffer numerous it is advertising host, suffer numerous can click interested message only. And the manufacturer is OK also and online obtain much user feedback information at any time, improve statistical efficiency.

Internet advertisement is full of originality, organic sex is strong

Traditional media often uses one-sided and onefold expression form only, internet advertisement with multimedia, exceed text format to be carrier, the graph, article, sound, information that resembles deferent much sense, make suffer numerous commodity can be experienced like be personally on the scene or serve.

Internet advertisement is more economic cost

Advertise in traditional media cost is high, and after releasing change very hard, although change,also want to pay very old economy price. Network media not only collect fees far under traditional media, and can change content by need or correct an error, make advertisement cost is reduced greatly.

Internet advertisement but effect of exact count advertisement

Traditional media advertisement is very difficult accurate know how to many person receives advertisement information, and Internet advertisement but exact count visits a quantity, and the time that the user consults distributings with district. Advertisement advocate can evaluate advertisement effect correctly, appoint ad strategy, hold advertisement end.

Speed of Internet advertisement development is swift and violent

China is annual the growth rate of network user is breathtaking, according to statistic of center of Chinese Internet information, the Internet user of Chinese every half an year grows with the speed of 200% .

Network advertising advantage

1, network advertisement is multidimensional advertisement

2, network advertisement has the consumptive group that has energy most

3, the network advertisement cost that make is low, rate is rapid, change agile

4, network advertisement has alternant sex and depth sex

5, the statistic that network advertisement can have perfecting

6, network advertisement can dog and measure advertising effect

7, network advertising puts in have specific aim more

8, network advertising suffers numerous attention to spend tall

9, network advertisement shortened the process that media puts in

10, range of network advertisement transmission is wide, do not accept spatio-temporal restriction

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