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The receipt appears not agree with the reason of the dot

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Because of L/C next payment is with only evidence conform to is a condition, what the exact extent of the receipt decided to export payment for goods is successful call in, and in solid Wu, in can answering payment for goods to trade in whole L/C with all alone of on schedul receipt, can occupy only a few into. Before period of time, abroad has made investigation, the result expresses, 70 % - the existence when the receipt of 80 % is making sheet for the first time nots agree with dot, xian Youxin uses card fall to hand in sheet to be able to pointing out odd.
Since in L/C the receipt in trading has incomparable effect, each person that pursues international trade also knows its value, why existence of so much receipt still nots agree with nod? The analysis that asks to this conduces to us be on guard in time in flow of whole L/C business, with decreasing as far as possible not agree with in the receipt the generation of the dot.

Above all, not agree with those who nod generation is the directest also be the professional knowledge confine that the commonnest cause is the member that the company makes sheet and operation neglect.

The first, because of the limitation of scope of business, a company may be as more as European business, the portfolio with country of middle east etc is not large, or circumstance as it happens is contrary, and the L/C name of every area; Have different characteristic, if European L/C is relatively normative, middle east comes card mostly the provision is relatively complex, the receipt of the requirement is much, some bills requirement is relatively distinctive still -- this decided the clerk is impossible to all be familiar with the L/C of all types. The client of average company is additionally stabler, identical or L/C provision is similar, the receipt is made basic invariable also, this brings about the member that make sheet the confine of professional knowledge, once discrepant appear at foregoing L/C, business personnel often can appear when the receipt that make such and such problem. The neglect making sheet of the member that make sheet additionally also is generation nots agree with an element of the dot, small type the mistake causes MINORDISCREPANCY, come to cause materiality to not agree with cursorily temporarily greatly dot. If ever had one case, the letter opened L/C to provide Ma head, because Ma head is in the lower part of L/C, same page cannot be opened, travel opening card hit P.T.O in last. 3 words, the member that the company makes sheet is right this also not get to the bottom of, p.T.O. 3 words also include to be in the Ma head of the receipt, cause card travel refuse payment. We know, p.T.O. It is the abbreviate of Please Turnover, also be our Chinese namely " opposite requesting an audience " . Should not agree with of the dot causing is the carelessness because of the member that make sheet is mixed purely content with superficial understanding.
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