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Defend the method of L/C bilk

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In bilk of international settle accounts, bilk of documentary letter of credit is the mainest and relatively cheating is the mainest relatively the type of concealed. The article tries what the familiar pattern of bilk of pair of documentary letter of credit makes an analysis slightly to discuss.
One) the familiar pattern of bilk of documentary letter of credit and its feature

(One) sham or partner seal (sign) bilk

Alleged " sham or forge seal (sign) bilk, " it is to point to the credit that bilk element is being hit with typewriter and will post through post means sham or forge card to all right authority signs the seal of personnel (sign) , purpose with beneficiary beneficiary of false random bully (exporter) deliver goods blindly, achieve diddle finally to export goods purpose.

This kind of bilk is like next features commonly:

1. L/C not classics announcement, and in arriving directly at beneficiary beneficiary hand, and the envelope does not have sender detailed address, indicia is ambiguous;

2. place is stale or outdated format with L/C format;

3. L/C signs stroke is not fluent, or use block letter to sign;

4. L/C clause is self-contradictory, or violate convention;

Airfreight of 5. L/C requirement, or applicant of make it of bill of lading (importer) to get goods person.

For example: Company of some foreign trade ever received Henan one grants subsidiary bank of Birmingham of Mecca benefit bank with British mark (STANDARD CHARTERED BANK LTD. BIRMINGHAM BRANCH, the documentary letter of credit that ENGLAND) name opens, amount is USD37, 200 yuan, bank of temple of Xi Min of countryman of announcement behavior London (NATIONAL WESTMINSTER BANK LTD.LONDON) .

Because this card did not endure examine and verify of professional of bank of beneficial person place as usual, discover a few doubtful part:

(The format of 1) L/C is very dated, the envelope does not have sender address, and indicia is punch-drunk, cannot argue admits to be sent from He De;

(Travel of announcement of 2) L/C limitation - bank of Xi Min temple discusses London countryman pay; Have violate convention;

(3) receives one-way detailed address to be checked on bank almanac without;

(The autograph of 4) L/C is block letter, hand of and rather than is signed, and cannot check;

(Airfreight of 5) L/C requirement comes Nigeria, and this country sends the ground more for bilk case. According to above when, the bank is preliminary decide this card is forge L/C, head office connection goes to check via opening card after solid, it is such truly. Avoided to forge credit certificate bilk together thereby.
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