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Administrative lag is more backward than the technology more terrible

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Of management backward can make advanced technical equipment turns into decoration

Initial stage of reforming and opening, many enterprises to narrow the technical gap with abroad, from the country (condition) outside introduced a few advanced production facilities and technical equipment. However, the device with people similar discovery changed a field to appear " natural environment refuses to obey " phenomenon, not be value of expectation of crop short of, it is function cannot satisfy a requirement; The modern equipment that very much to was being spent even capital buys some companies is abandoned and need not, new favour is homebred equipment, to the phenomenon of such, many people say the technology does not follow to go up only, and the management that very rare courage admits to this lags behind namely causes.

Backward meeting of management makes advanced technology manages the land of fierce of method no use

What differ in the light of product quality always is ground of many enterprise consider sth as it stands go study, promotion is comprehensive quality management (TQC) reach ISO9000 series quality to manage the technology such as the system, quality to manage a resort. But, some enterprises not only quality did not see rise, lived to appear repeatedly before long even problem, some even the edge exited historical arena together with the brand. Investigate its prime cause, what still manage is backward. Any advanced technologies or quality government measure lose contact with reality impossibly moving environment and independent play action. It must be blended in harmoniously go in the system, ability produces due effect.

Backward meeting of management causes the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of outstanding technical talent

The enterprise of administrative lag has problem of a general character, this is the ignored management to the person, ground of one's own wishful thinking thinks the person's management is very simple: You exert oneself I give money. However, the outstanding technology personnel that is engaged in mental work does not look so however, they think management does not reach the designated position, or lack in harmonious, harmonious and in the administrative atmosphere that does not have attributive feeling, oneself cannot develop subjective activity effectively, the immediate consequence that backward management causes is, technical personnel goes to work do not exert oneself, or strong nowhere makes, bring about technical personnel to find new job ceaselessly thereby.

Backward meeting of management causes the lifecycle of the enterprise to shorten

There ever was media coverage a few days ago, business mean life is brief criterion 23 years, long criterion 78 years, this come true a word: "Each are gotten coquettish 35 years " . Very few somebody does not want to do the business long, be willing to ruin the company that oneself run without the person more. Ground of some entrepreneur cudgel one's brains for, exert one's utmost effort manages a company, but he also realising when already going till general trends is to be defeated to go up in management actually, however blindly with good luck bad, competition shortage of intense, capital, vicissitude of the market passes to wait for manage origin quickly to comfort his. In fact their adversary also at the same time and facing these objective problems no less, others can succeed so, it is administrative success above all.
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