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Seek the record of 6 big secret of abroad client

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Center you namely for the best method that will prepare tomorrow all wisdom, all cordial, do today's work to the queen's taste, this is the only method that you can deal tomorrow. We should seek a client? / foreign trade person the doubt about the client / seek abroad client / where is abroad client?

This old and common however very real problem has all the time besetting numerous foreign trade staff member. The friend with other most propbably also has this kind is bemused, just level is different just. Since have, why not frank and sincere, groups big study, when at the end of one's resources, should seek a client after all? ? Is the network searched? The network seeks this one action is personage of all foreign trade's most commonly used means, but bewildering is, response rate is lower and lower. The client that find is sought on a few websites before, the return that still basically a 10 % are controlled is led (of course of make it is know clearly more very few) , obtain on a more reliable website now however beg buy a message (say he is " reliable, it is the fax number that takes because of the place on the website, it is true commonly can use) , when sending the email that contacts case and fax, sent 100 will seal, have 34 returns only unexpectedly. The network is searched is more and more difficult really. Is home exhibited can you search? Attend exhibit meeting, a lot of friends that pursue foreign trade also went an error at the beginning, the so-called international that town of a few home holds exhibits the invitation letter of the meeting to fly all over the sky, if you went really, you were duped, a few people are done not have at all inside, more never mention it foreigner can calculate a person of the same trade to meet only at most just.

Wide it is good to hand in seem what have to go, chicken ribs like the root, to doing not have the small company of natural resources of client of how many abroad more very much for more seem to help straw. But after going can how? The friend joined fall wide hand in meeting, the search when calling card falls many, but of make it have hardly, have the Xiaochan of 9 thousands of U.S. dollor only. What just end is wide December 2003 hand in meeting more nevered mention it, after post a letter, basically do not have even echo. The feeling is compared China hand in can return your affliction. Is abroad exhibited can you search? Of home washed-up, but the day still has been gotten, how to do? Be forced to bleed very reluctantly go to abroad turning. Went to abroad, busy, tired die partly, effect wants those who compare country to be close friends of course a few, but a nuisance of foreigner discretion, to a not well-known small trademark, they have only at the beginning likely at most 20 ' of ark try order. Seek advice to place of counsellor of a few economy? 99.99% did not make fun of, nobody manages you, oneself feel do not have interest. For the friend that is in home appliance industry to oneself, should be a busy season right now, but the elephant with cold however business coldest days, just sending to a few old clients at most make a few half-dead order for goods, new client natural resources is like already dried up. Perhaps some friends can say, that is you won't deal, do not deliver the goods tardy who is still done with you? ! But resembling the sort of circumstance is minority after all. More friends are to be in the network however, go up in forum, complain in friend circle more and more astute, client looks for a foreigner harder and harder, etc, differ and stop. Look, client natural resources already was at the end of one's resources, but had turned round to want, person of more foreign trade believes, the affirmation that buy the home is existence, it is we do not know him only, they also do not know us.
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