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What is the advantage of network sale?

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The network is be next to TV today, planar advertising the 3rd big media, be in especially current this Internet develops quickly today, more and more people use Wu of kimono of the information that Internet is seeking him place to need, product now, if you did not make network sale so you will lose a very big market. Simple can induce the following:

One, network sale can not divide time, the popularizes you brand of district, space.

2, network sale can invite a client find you for a short while.

3, network sale can help you of low cost get more essence to permit a client.

1, every this net is made clear " net of international firework cracker " all work, copyright all attributes net of international firework cracker, must not reprint without this net accredit, extract and compile or use other means to use afore-mentioned work. Already this net accredit uses work, answer to be used inside accredit limits, make clear " origin: Net of international firework cracker " . Disobey afore-mentioned enunciators, this net will find out his relevant law responsibility.
2, every this net makes clear " origin: XXX (net of cracker of blame international firework) " work, all reprint from other media, reprint a purpose to depend on passing more information, do not represent this net approval its viewpoint and to its authenticity is in charge of. This net reprints the manuscript of other media, meaning providing free service for the public. Be like other media, website or individual to be used from this net download, must withhold this net to make clear " manuscript origin " .
3, if need to be the same as this net because of work content, copyright and other problem,contact, undertake inside 30 days please.

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