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REACH code intellectual introduction (3)

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1, when does REACH code begin go into effect oneself?
On June 1, 2007 REACH become effective;
European chemical management board moved formally on June 1, 2008;
Registered of grading material beforehand to November 30, 2008 on June 1, 2008;
1000 tons will be reached on November 30, 2010 on the material of crop (CMR 1, 2 kinds) register off period;
100 tons will be reached on June 1, 2013 on the material of crop (CMR 1, 2 kinds) register off period;
1 ton will be reached on June 1, 2018 on the material of crop (CMR 1, 2 kinds) register off period.
Can register of one's own accord before off period of course, can refer since June 2008 register documentation. New materially must be registered before city is current, its register date to begin from June 1, 2008.
Note: CMR, namely carcinogenic substance, send choppy content, toxic to reproductive system substance.

2, the limits that suffers REACH effect

2. The corporeal configuration in 1REACH code
Corporeal itself (Substance In Its Own) -- manufacturer
In preparation (Substance In Preparations) -- downstream user
In article (Substance In Articles) -- downstream user
More than kinds of 30000 material (manufacturer)
(29700, 95% medium and small businesses, 2004 production value 586 billion euro)
500 thousand - 5 million kinds of article produce business (downstream user)

2. Next 2 processional job that get REACH effect
The main and downstream branch that suffers effect of new chemical policy has user of manufacturing industry of course of study of textile, medicine, electron course of study, automobile, advanced material and organic product to produce business to wait

Basic chemical is used to be used at lubricant, size, glazing to mix in textile blanch etc while, the most significant chemical investment in the industry is spin auxiliary and dye textile it is an European Union one of industries of the most concentrated use chemical, the devoted quantity of chemical occupies total turnover about 5.6% the left and right sides.

3, how many cost will REACH cost?
European Union committee evaluates in the influence 2003 in estimation:
The manufacturing business of chemical and importer use at test and registered charge: The direct cost that chemical industry fulfils REACH is inside 11 years add up to 2.3 billion euro. The expenditure of downstream user: If because the 1%-2% of total chemical continues to produce it is profitable no longer and halt production, criterion the expenditure of downstream user will be in chemical 500 million euro arrives between 1.3 billion euro. Supplying catenary to go up downstream, be faced with when the industry taller change when cost, expenses will rise to 1.7 billion euro to arrive between 2.9 billion euro.

Total expenditure: Total expenditure is in chemical industry and downstream user 2.8 billion euro arrives between 5.2 billion euro. Can predict, from macroscopical economy character, the effect that executive REACH causes European Union GDP to drop is very finite. But individual to the enterprise cost will raise significantly.

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