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REACH system series introduces (one)

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One, what is REACH system

European Union " register about chemical, evaluate, license and limitative system " (the following abbreviation " REACH " system) , already on December 13, 2006 European Union parliament polls pass and carry out formally at rising on June 1, 2007 certainly.

REACH is a code that involves chemical production, commerce, use security draft resolution, aim to strengthen the protection of pair of mankind health and environment, maintain and enhance the competition ability of course of study of European Union chemical industry, safeguard an European Union to integrate big market, enhance chemical information and the diaphaneity of concerned legislation, reduce use experiment animal, advocate blame animal test, maintain an European Union relevant measure and the compulsory posture that its assume below WTO frame are consistent. To achieve this one goal, european Union committee will build unified chemical monitoring to run a system, will at the management of all and relevant chemical is being completed before 2012. This system is mixed to product of about 30 thousand kinds of chemical industry on European Union market the product such as its downstream spin, light industrial, pharmacy, Electromechanical is brought into respectively register, evaluate, license and limitative management supervisory system.

2, REACH system produces setting

Last centuries 90 time later period, the European Union manages the discovery in the checkup of code in active to its chemical, hold the balance to be being had in community market of the position " existing " the property of chemical, active code cannot provide sufficient information, the public lacks understanding to the dangerous sex of a lot of chemical; The risk cannot be finished to evaluate inside reasonable time; Pass the much responsibility that assumes chemical safety by the government; Right " new chemical " the requirement that puts in the market should father far at applying to " existing " the active regulation of chemical, become the obstacle of innovation. Consequently, board of European Union minister and European parliament express to want to establish more effective mechanism and program explicitly, will offer uptodate information of the harm that uses medium chemical, risk and the obligation that reduce the measure of the risk, put industrial group morely, such meetings are used for the safety of dangerous material establish stronger confidence.

3, the basic content of REACH system

Every of REACH system requirement is imported and must pass in the chemical that European churchyard produces register, evaluate, a group of comprehensive programs such as accredit and limitation, the ingredient that identifies chemical with better simpler land will achieve the goal that ensures environment and human body are safe, it is the European Union is based on " preventive principle " the system that downstream to entering all chemical of its market to reach its product has administrative, namely a kind of chemical material is in before undertaking analyse and be assessmented without danger of characteristic to its zephyr, its set is harmful material, produce a harm to the person's health and environment likely. Accordingly, to all chemistry that put in the market material all should undertake register and be assessmented, undertake accredit just allows to enter the market even when necessary, certain material uses restriction. In the meantime, this system still stipulated strict check mark is accurate, need detects exaltedly charge, and these charge will be assumed by the enterprise entirely. According to European Union estimation, of material of chemistry of avery kind of detect basically charge needs 85 thousand euro about, the detecting of each new material charge needs 570 thousand euro about.

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