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Safety superintends total bureau to do safe production of good firework cracker

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The announcement that license of safe production of cracker of good about doing firework concerns the job

Wei Huahan [2008] 51 date

Safe production of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government controls management board:

Since safe production of executive firework cracker allows a system, each district banned firework cracker family to produce mill, the firework cracker manufacturer that fell into disuse not to have safe production requirement is nodded, rectified and reform large quantities of one safe hidden trouble, firework cracker produced the safe production condition of the enterprise to get clear improvement, intrinsic safety rate rises apparently. But, licence of safe production of cracker of the first round of firework awards government a few problems that not allow to ignore also appeared in the job, if a few areas are accurate introductory cage is inferior, safe evaluation guards a pass lax or quality is not high, cracker of a few firework produces a business " introduction of in spite of illness " , the hidden trouble after obtaining evidence is rectified and reform do not fulfil reach the designated position, partial enterprise still is put in more serious safe hidden danger to wait a moment. The condition with very weak foundation of safe production of firework cracker industry is done not have from go up at all get ameliorative, produce safe accident to happen from time to tome. Current, partial firework cracker produces licence of company safe production to will expire in succession, for cogent do good firework cracker to produce licence of company safe production to change hair job, promote company safe production the condition further through changing testimony, basis " regulation of firework cracker safety " (the State Council makes the 455th) set and " it is good about doing that national security superintends total bureau the announcement that delay of safe production licence changes card to work " (install 2008 〕 of 〔 of inspect total politics and law 127) principle requirement, put forward specific requirement to be as follows with respect to concerned job now:

One, develop safety of the job that change testimony and industry of local firework cracker program union rises, study licence of safe production of formulate firework cracker changes card job plan. Firework cracker produces the area of the enterprise, provincial security superintendency bureau should tie place actual, clutch safety of industry of cracker of research formulate firework develops a program, adopt raise admittance doorsill, strict license to examine, scanty an union, help actor up strong, fall into disuse backward wait for a method, encourage firework cracker to produce investment and technical talented person to advocate concentration yield a division, to advantage company concentration, give aid to condition of a batch of safe production the good, company that has certain dimensions beneficial result, eliminate a batch of engineering technology and safe production level the industry that small, management needs backward, dimensions, company of production of stimulative firework cracker is changed to dimensions, intensive changes development. Each district is in program of development of safety of firework cracker industry, want to put forward cracker of our region firework clearly to produce enterprise dimensions floor level and company number to measure limitation, should control strictly particularly build manufacturing company measure, black gunpowder of strict control production, bring live wire and firework to play kind wait for class A product and attrition kind, aerosol kind the manufacturing company measure of the product. Manufacturing black gunpowder and firework are played kind wait for class A product and attrition kind, aerosol kind the 8% less than that the industry measure control of the product is producing company number. After licence of epicycle safe production changes card job to finish, countrywide firework cracker produces industry measure to reduce 20% above. In the meantime, each district should plan according to local industry structure or safety of firework cracker industry develops a program, study licence of safe production of formulate firework cracker changes card job plan seriously, as soon as possible is careful arrange disposition, serious organization is carried out, ensure the job that change testimony is begun smoothly.
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