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Byelaw of Holand firework cracker

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Holand country itself did not enact firework cracker legislation, made demand of a few restricted to its only, show particular branch to narrate as follows:
One, medicaments composition and dosage control:

All cracker must be pure black medicine, if all firework have cracker sound effect to also must use black drug, but the scamper beautiful effect in firework does not attribute noise result; Cracker noise needs control to be under 153 decibel.

1, cracker kind:

Total dosage of A, individual cracker is under 3g;

Plait of B, knot grows string of cracker, every dosage is 1g the following, every strings of total dosage is 25g the following.

2, rotate kind:

The dosage of every firework, do not have sound effect, cannot exceed 15g; Have sound effect, cannot exceed past 5g, rotate the circle that limits cannot exceed radius to be 1m.

3, ground firework, beautiful canister kind, spit bead canister kind:

Take sound effect, dosage should be controlled inside 40g is the following, do not take sound effect it is 100g the following.

4, rocket kind:

Dosage of sound effect part must not exceed 5g, whole contain dosage to be 25g the following. (note: Contain emissive canister dosage)

5, hammer annulus kind:

Of breathed effect, every dosage is 50g the following; Have 15g of sound effect dacron the following.

6, smoke ball is 5g the following.

2, down-lead:

1, the down-lead combustion time of all breed is 3-8 second;

2, all down-lead all use safe lead, additional, when thunderous is mixed, rise cannot make a lotion with solid, can sly bottom is crowded bring.

3, effect limits:

All breed, inside the circle that the wastepaper control after its effect limits perhaps is set off is radius in 2 M.

4, Holand article action:

1, every are individual breed (outside dividing too small assortment) on must add Tie Hewen to enrol, in the meantime, also should add on head of every bag, every bags of every box, card stick;

2, the beard on the individual breed inside mixture bag adds Tie Hewen to enrol (afore-mentioned too small assortment are every bags 10 head or every packets are added stick) , in the meantime, every bags of every box, mixture Bao Jun is added stick or add put special mixture bag to explain;

3, 96 years of all kinds breed all has device of new article of carry on one's shoulder,

5, explosive label:

All breed all are 1.4s/0337 explosion label, boil so skin, medium on box, small box " 1.4G/0336 " must take out.

6, paper box:

1, outside the beard on box has UN number, stick have explosive ticket;

2, outside box all is 5 paper box, must assure enough strength, and assure to not have when norms of the box outside deciding redundant inside empty, in carrying a process in order to make sure paper box is in won't by squash;
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