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Foreign currency bureau about carrying out " exit receives net of couplet of set

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Bureau of national exchange control ministry of substation of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, exchange control, substation of city of Shenzhen, Dalian, Qingdao, Xiamen, peaceful wave; In each endowment foreign currency nominated bank: 

Total office of bureau of national exchange control, Department of Commerce, customs was released jointly on July 2, 2008 " exit receives net of couplet of settlement of exchange to check method " (collect hair [2008] 29, the following abbreviation " method " ) , now " method " the problem informs executive concerned exchange control as follows: 

One, rose on July 14, 2008, moving exit tries to receive net of couplet of settlement of exchange to check a system in Chinese electron port (the following abbreviation checks a system) . Rose to move formally on August 4, 2008. 

The system that check tries the day that run to rise, foreign currency nominated bank (bank of the following abbreviation) ought to according to " method " regulation, to the enterprise exit closes collect (the condition adduction that outside including to export a next conditions, closes to collect and accord with a regulation is collected, contain receive payment for goods beforehand, similarly hereinafter) undertake the net is checked exporting electronic data couplet.

2, company exit closes collect ought to according to " method " the regulation enters exit to close first collect treat the account that check (the following abbreviation treats the account that check) . Wait for the account that check to bring into management information system of foreign currency account, code is 1101. 

Wait for exit of company of be confined to of range of income of the account that check to close collect. Wait for defray of the account that check to need net of classics bank couplet to check rear can deal with, the defray of other foreign exchange such as the settlement of exchange after its expenditure limits includes to be checked via bank couplet net, reexchange that delimits into this enterprise classics account of constant project foreign currency and bureau of classics foreign currency are approved. Wait for must not delimit between the account that check turn. Account remaining sum deposits money by current plan breath. 

3, silver-colored behavior enterprise is dealt with wait for a nucleus to audit accounts when indoor capital settlement of exchange or lay off formalities, ought to according to " method " regulation, in the enterprise in the system that check corresponding commerce category can close undertake the nucleus is noted closing collecting inside the limits that collect the specified amount (type real settlement of exchange in the system that check namely or lay off amount, deduct correspondence to be able to close collect the specified amount, similarly hereinafter) : 
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