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Summary of standard of Canadian firework cracker

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Canadian explosive lab (CERL) the structure that reachs explosive to be in fireworks and firecrackers of low already dangerous sex, label and performance side established a standard, newest part was published in November 1990. The standard set the general requirement of fireworks and firecrackers and the specific requirement to 13 kinds of fireworks and firecrackers, the standard also set endure the sort that uses fireworks and firecrackers.
The classification that asks to include dangerous freightage commonly (all 1.4 parts and G and S group are consistent) carry pack (must law of freightage of according to danger) , sampling requirement should decline through 12m in combustion experiment (Un series 46 experiments) , return those who stipulated the product is medium to ban with medicaments.

The specific sort of fireworks and firecrackers is:

1, banger 2, potted flower 3, star shell 4, spraying decoration 5, ground firework 6, the hand pulls banger 7, modelling toy firework 8, Roman candle 9, snake 10, light produced by electricity is beautiful 11, buccal urgent paper 12, rotate kind of 13, other kind

Most fireworks and firecrackers belongs to candle of firework of spraying decoration, ground, Rome. The definition of these 3 kinds of fireworks and firecrackers may be defined with other country different, content makes following specifications:

1, spraying decoration is to point to to remedy of fireworks and firecrackers is contained in a paper cylinder or cone-shaped canister, after ignite, give a string of scintilla from eject mouth eject namely.

2, after ground firework should ignite a box that close or cylinder, produce a series of results. Be like eject scintilla, gunpowder or bright bead. In the sky top part gives out detonation to serve as final result.

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