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What kind of effect will REACH code produce to our country? , REACH code intelle

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What kind of effect will REACH code produce to our country?
REACH hopes to reduce all risks related to chemical goods through legislation, these risks are thought consist in controls the tasted production, whole process that uses processing from chemistry, positive and negative of this kind of purpose reflected well-known early-warning principle. To achieve afore-mentioned goals, the compulsory clause with the manufacturing business that REACH will taste to changing educational system, importer and multifarious regulation of the person that use. Although REACH is a code that tastes about changing educational system, but its content will involve many chemical not only (" chemical material " and " chemistry distributes product " ) , all products that still include to contain chemical part (so called " article " ) , that is to say, involved all products. In addition, this code still will involve all chemical that import to the European Union and product. Accordingly, REACH causes the exit to Chinese Xiang Ou alliance tremendous effect. The China that this incidence includes to wait for a variety of products to textile and furniture from ball-pen, toy produces business and their European Union importer.

REACH covers a range not only wide, included all chemical and downstream product almost, and its testing system is whole, cost is extremely high. High cost and carry out detect the practice that data introduces intellectual property will reach his to our country chemical the export trade of downstream product creates serious obstacle, already made camp of trade of a kind of technology. Preliminary analysis, the effect that REACH carries out pair of our country industry is main the watch is the following now 5 respects:
(1) create an obstacle to the exit of our country chemical industry and relevant product
(2) make our country imports product cost to increase from the European Union, affect the development of downstream and relevant product badly;
(3) break the situation that at present international chemical trade balances, cause the big move of market of chemical international trade;
(4) the competitive ability that weakens our country to export a product;
(5) the product that provides health of influential human body and contaminative environment is transferred to our country likely.

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