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How to obtain the information of REACH code? , REACH code intellectual introduct

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How to obtain the information of REACH code?

Can undertake advisory to the following orgnaization:
1. China WTO/TBT - SPS country reports referral center
Address: Pasture of horse of Beijing Haidian area east road 9 B
Email: Service@tbt-sps.gov.cn
2.China examines quarantine science academy
Armour of road of north of inn of tall tablet of area of Beijing rising sun 3
Phone: 010 - 85773355 - 2198
Postcode: 100025

May browse following webpages:
1.www.aqsiq.gov.cn/ (national quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau)
Bulletin of WTO/TBT-SPS of 2.http://www.tbt-sps.gov.cn/Channel_76/Class/Index.html (China seeks advice from net REACH code channel)
3.http://ec.europa.eu/environment/chemicals/reach/reach_intro.htm (European Union committee)
4.http://ecb.jrc.it/REACH/ (European chemical bureau)
5.Http://sinochemsafety.gov.cn/(platform of information of Chinese chemical security) (China examines quarantine science studies

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