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REACH code intellectual introduction (4)

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1, what chemical material is in REACH statute government scope?

The material of low dangerous sex, if water, oxygen, inert gase is mixed,cellulose pulp does not need to undertake registered. A few other and natural material, for instance condensate of mineral, ore, ore and cement dissolve broken bits also do not need to register, unless these material had chemistry,decorate. Additional, REACH code undertook exempt to food and medical product, because these products have special code government. REACH code still undertook exempt to litter, member country also undertook exempt to a few material that are used at defence.
If be in a system that close, certain and chemical material cannot with make the other and chemical substance that give depart come, REACH doctrine regulation undertook exempt to its (the intermediate body that cannot depart namely) . In producing treatment course, a few intermediate physical ability are come out by depart quite (the intermediate body that can depart) , REACH code will ask its undertake registered, but endanger a gender inferiorly as a result of its, corresponding information requirement is simpler.

Polymer does not need to register and be evaluated temporarily. But the main part that is used at producing polymer and monomer need the requirement is registered, once be in,be based on built on sound technology and significant scientific level feasible the can differentiate harmful polymer method with be to one's profit, polymer need is registered and evaluate.

2, how is REACH code to avoid the jackknife with other laws and regulations?

Be in early 2003, when committee drafts this code, considered existing place carefully to have the legislation related to chemical, for example, be in about medical treatment equipment, food, medicine, batteries and cosmetic, whether do REACH code and other laws and regulations have the place of jackknife. The place that in REACH code the requirement registers uses material in, if a certain legislation is right among them certain material had had similar demand, criterion REACH code will be right its exempt. For example, REACH code is mixed at registering with corporeal exempt to medicine accredit, because existing medical laws and regulations has asked,these material that are used submit data and grant authorization.

On the other hand, considered healthy to the patient harm merely about the concerned code of medical treatment equipment, and the healthy to the worker harm when producing these equipment without the consideration and the harm to the environment. Accordingly, in REACH code the requirement falls, the material that is used at producing medical treatment equipment still needs partly to register, affect in order to ensure the company releases material to the harm of worker and environment.

Final agreement still can include a provision that reconsider, committee of demand of this one clause should examine likelihood and the case that photograph of other laws and regulations overlaps afresh after 5 years, be in proper when and to table a proposal.
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