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REACH code intellectual introduction (2)

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2.1REACH what is total target?

Two the mainest goals:
The A, protection that promotes pair of mankind health and environment, spare the harm of chemical;
The B, competition ability that enhances industry of European Union chemical.
Other target:
- - arouse the chemical with more safe development;
- - the dissension that prevents internal market, safeguard an European Union to integrate the market;
- - the diaphaneity that enhances chemical and goods news;
- - conform with international, go after the unity of as safe as international chemical code;
- - promotion blame animal experiments;
- - maintain EU relevant measure and the compulsory photograph that its issue place to assume in WTO frame to agree.

2.2What is the characteristic of REACH code?

Be based on the principle that precaution gives priority to, namely " a kind of chemical, before it is dangerous to have not prove its exist, it is insecure " .
Basic method: Before a kind of chemical material puts in the market or be being used, undertake classified to its above all, determine its danger property and rate, undertake to its the risk is evaluated next, adopt a risk to control measure finally.
Basic characteristic:
The A, safe risk that changed chemical production to manage concerns: Assume chemical safety by past government produce for responsibility change, manage and downstream user will assume;
B, without data, do not have the market namely: A kind of chemical goods and materials, preparation or article must not be made in the European Union or put in the market namely, unless undertook according to REACH code,register. Should register be about to REACH central database provides relevant data and report.

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